Thank you for your patience as we EVOLVE.

Under the Sun exists to support you in your pursuit of health + happiness with our offerings of high vibrational, organic, living foods + tonics. Our offerings will unfold daily and seasonally as we strive to bring you the best raw, living food on the planet.


All of our food is consciously prepared under 118° so everything is filled with life, rich in enzymes + vitamins + minerals. Living foods are raw, uncooked food, naturally fermented, and dehydrated foods. All of these foods are whole and have not been processed by irradiation, pesticides, microwaves, artificial additives, GMO’s or cooking. Phytonutrients in live foods are destroyed in these processes. A live food cuisine is the most beneficial way to support longevity, cellular regeneration, energy, hormonal balance, and overall well-being. Living foods are rich in pranic life energy to nourish the body, mind, + soul.


We take extra time and care to source the very best organic ingredients including local produce, consciously grown and harvested tonic herbs, and small-batch handcrafted retail items.


The best food for us is the food that grows around us. It’s always fresh + always in season. We source locally as much as we possibly can. We proudly work with the following farms to bring you the freshest living foods in town:

* Gonzaga Farms * Tamai Farms * Bernard Ranches * Ha’s Apple Farm * Bolanos Family *

* Bautista Family Dates * Harry’s Berries * The Growing Experience  in LBC! *


Under the Sun uses whole veggies + fruits, activated seeds + nuts, tonic herbs + minerals and that’s all, folks! – We are 100% plant-based.


Everything on our menu is house-made from the heart –  with the exception of some amazing folks we source from:

* Anandamide * Wildly Fermented * Kung Fu Tonic * Papa Steve’s * Wide Eyes Open Palms *

* Sinensis Tea * Mizuba Matcha * Anima Mundi Herbals * Dragon Herbs * Mountain Rose * *Recreational Coffee*

We are all ABOUT:


We are passionate about sharing our knowledge of the foods and herbs we create with. We are also excited to learn + grow with our community. Look forward to many classes and workshops at Under the Sun!


We are * Dairy-Free * Soy-Free * (Mostly) Gluten-Free (a few items  include sprouted wheatberry)

Spread your wings and fly!


The health of our planet drives every choice we make. Here is how we show our planet we care:

  •      We offer a seasonal, plant-based cuisine that is locally sourced.
  •      Our foods and juices are created in small batches using the whole plant.
  •      The To go wares we provide are compostable + biodegradable.
  •      We encourage folks to bring their own reusable to-go wares, and we have reusable to-go ware

      available for purchase.

  •      We use earth-friendly cleaning products.
  •      We compost!

We care about you + how you feel. We are here to serve you, to help you elevate so that you can also serve. The health of our Beautiful Planet  depends on our compassion for each other and all of life.

Sat Nam